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Ammonia Refrigeration, Gas Compression, Process Systems Compressors

Providing the most innovative and cost effective screw compressor rebuilds possible. We offer rotary screw compressor rebuilds, new compressor sales, remanufacturing, reconditioning, compressor inspection and machine work.


Frick Screw Compressor

Detailed Compressor Inspections

Mycom Screw Compressor

Critical Precision Machining

Frick Screw Compressor

Highest Level of Assembly and Quality Control

Howden XRV Screw Compressor

Optimal Standards For Screw Compressor Services

Frick Screw Compressor

Assembly and Quality Control

Detailed assembly process that is documented. Pre-installation parts inspection and documentation.

Compressor Rebuild/ Remanufacturing Services

Our quality rebuild/remanufacturing process  ensures our customers receive consistent, good quality produts. We provide factory parts, oem level trained personnel, nitrogen pressure testing, and pre-lubrication run testing. Take a look at our process and witness the level of detail we put into each and every compressor.

Free Compressor Inspections and Second Opinion Inspection

NTSC is one of the few compressor services companies in the country to offer Free Compressor Inspections. This is something we have provided our customers for years. In many cases compressors thought to be ruined were repaired for many more years of optimal operational duty. Thats why NTSC also will ship your compressor for Free  for a second opinion if another builder condems your compressor. Contact us for this unique service next time there is an issue.

Premium Customer Support

NTSC also provides personal support for contracting service companies and their field technicians. Everything from proper compressor rotation to extreme operational diagnostics are provided to our customers 24/7.

How Can We Help?

We can assess compressor function and system conditions to maximize rate of return on your investment. Downtime at your plant from a compressor issue can mean serious production problems that result in operations and costs overages.

Compressors create the high and low pressure differentials in the system. Compressors are the heart of your refrigeration cycle.  They have greater bearing on the overall economic performance of your refrigeration system than almost any other area in the process.  Let NTSC ensure you maximize the quality and reliability of you next rebuild. Contact us for more information.

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