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Our goal is to provide a superior product with practical application experience in the field. We provide re-manufactured compressors, existing compressor rebuild services, compressor inspections, compressor parts, reports and other services for many different types of screw compressors.

Our Story

The Founder of North Texas Screw Compressor LLC is changing the screw compressor repair industry by lowering the cost and reducing the downtime from a compressor failure. Our focus is dedicated to the compressor services skill set. Our reputation depends on knowing things and solving problems that your average service technician just doesn’t know. Our experince has shown that downtime and occupational uncertaintiy affects annual budgets as whole. We specialize in lowering your costs for compressor service and maintenance company wide.

The types of compressor applications we cover but are not limited to, Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration, Industrial R-22,134a, R-170, Natural Gas (clean and dirty), C02 and other areas as well. Our compressors services reach into many areas of our economy.  Pharmaceutical production process, Cold Storage, Food Processing Plants, Beverage Production, Chemical Production, Natural Gas, and Recycled Methane Power Plant Production are just some of the areas we have experience in when it comes to the service reliability and rebuild quality. It is important your screw compressor builder understands how your screw compressor operates and the conditions it was designed for.  When it comes to down time, lost production, and maintenance intervals the small details can make a big difference.

Supporting The Industry And The Compressor Brands You Trust

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