Absolutely no other company in the industry openly offers these comprehensive hands on compressor training courses and sessions. We will train the individual as well as plant operators or service technician groups.

  • Improve sales
  • Reduce down time
  • Reduce on the job labor overages
  • Cut down on contracting service fee’s
  • Knowledge to know the job is done right
  • Do the job yourself
  • Increase work place employee value
  • Help identify unsafe work practices

Photos taken at RETA meeting at the Lincoln Technical Intitute on March 17, 2016

Why Training?

Research indicates that individuals learn better in an environment where there is a hands on learning experience. Attendees will experience an active hands on role in performing compressor technical maintenance operations and mechanical checks. We cover the basic operation and function of the screw compressor as well as the components. These sessions are designed to offer hands on experience to increase the attendee’s industry skill set and knowledge of industrial screw compressors.

Shaft seal repair, indicator repair, annual compressor inspections, and slide valve repair are just a few of the most common compressor onsite repairs performed. Properly trained personnel can increase profit, strengthen confidence in your company image, and provide growth through success. It is proven that many facilities allow new contractors to perform small jobs before awarding large contracts. Let us train representatives from your company and increases a positive corporate image of your capabilities for future growth with your customer 

Available Courses

Annual Inspection Compressor

We train the attendee in radial runout, axial float detection, manual radial bearing assessment, and proper service for drive end maintenance.

Slide Stop Indicator Removal & Installation

We work with the attendee to understand the proper function of the mechanism and identify safe practices when servicing this portion of the compressor.

Shaft Seal Installation

This common service function is normally 1/3 of the cost for a standard compressor rebuild. Shaft seal service maintenance is very sensitive and it’s important that this service can be completed correctly. In some cases contractors could have paid for 2 complete compressor rebuilds by the time a shaft seal is installed correctly.

We share how to identify the causes of shaft seal failure, proper removal, and proper installation practices.

Operator Basic Compressor Knowledge & Operation

NTSC works with those attending this course to understand compressor functions. We cover bearing applications, types of compressors, systems, oil cooling, liquid injection, load and unloading, rotation, and many other areas of the compressor.

Service Technician Level Compressor Training

This in-depth look expands any service companies work force knowledge. The course provides technician and factory level education.

Slide Valve Rebuild

Class room and hands on practical experience.

Frick Slide Valve Rebuild

Factory level hands on trainer with class room work as well.

Vilter Reciprocating Top End

Oem level hands on trainer and education.

Vilter Reciprocating Rebuild

Oem level hands on trainer and education.

Frick XJS 120 Slide Valve Rebuild

Factroy Specific

Frick XJS120 Shaft Seal

Factory Specific

Mycom Shaft Seal

Factory Specific

Dunham Bush LSC Slide

Factory specific

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